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  • We find on the European market every type of fresh or frozen food product, for production batch, expiry or EAN code, in the quantities requested by you.
  • We monitor in advance with several operators at different points of purchase to find your product.


The Workings

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  • Study of the product for covering the packs with special adhesive papers made to measure, making it impossible to recognize the brand.
  • Reconstitution also with modified atmosphere treatment, for an optimal conservation of the fresh product.
  • Re-labeling and printing on special paper
  • Product re-labeling, initials, expiry date, ingredients, allergens
  • Food Shooting
  • Cellophane and heat shrinking
  • Packaging of parapharmaceutical products
  • Processing in specially sanitized cells, in compliance with all sanitary regulations.
  • License for the administration and sale of food n
  • Other certifications no


Subdivision and Packaging

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  • Package labeling, census and subdivision of products for different locations.
  • Packaging and protection with chips or preforms


Delivery And Shipping



  • Our logistics department is equipped to support even very complex operations.
  • Deliveries in more cities at the same time synchronized in very short times throughout Italy and Europe. In particular, for refrigerated products we use our vans equipped with dataloggers to record the temperature during the journey, to prove the efferriva cold. All this is done in full compliance with the agreed delivery times.
  • Inspection on behalf of the Customer in the delivery locations, to ascertain the correct storage of the Fresh or Frozen product.
  • International packaging and shipping with DRY ICE service.
  • Reporting Management and Shipping Tracking